The puppy chow recipe that started it all. Puppy Chow. This favorite snack has the perfect combination of peanut butter … Sweet, creamy, and slightly salty, Triple-Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Puppy Chow will become your new, go-to way to make the classic chocolate-cereal treat. Chex cereal: I personally think Rice Chex cereal has the best flavor and texture.If you can’t find that type, then corn Chex will also work. Christmas Puppy Chow is full of creamy peanut butter, smooth chocolate, crunchy Chex cereal and M & M s and is ready in less than 15 minutes. General Mills, the maker of Chex cereal, officially calls the snack muddy buddies, but I grew up calling it puppy chow… Whether you call this Christmas Puppy Chow, Reindeer Chow … Puppy chow ingredients. This recipe is a staff favorite. Original puppy chow was a childhood favorite of almost everyone I know. Peanut butter: I like to use a little bit more peanut butter … Combine chocolate chips, peanut butter, chocolate-hazelnut spread, and butter … Puppy chow, also called monkey munch, muddy buddies, doggy bag, and reindeer chow, is a sweet and salty snack made with chocolate, peanut butter, and powder sugar-covered rice cereal. Chocolate chips: Semi sweet chocolate chips are my favorite to use. It's only 4 ingredients and full of chocolate and peanut butter goodness.
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